Dear visitor, let me introduce myself in a few words.

I live in Prague, in the Czech Republic. I was born in Prague in 1976. I work in the field of computer games - as a concept and 2D artist. I am interested in drawing and painting, computer graphics and taking pictures (with a digital camera - it's a good ground for making textures). After finishing the secondary school I passed entrance exam at the Faculty of Architecture here in Prague, where I continued studying for 3 years - I started to engage in the web designing and computer graphics. Besides,in my free time I also go in to my hobby what is painting sci-fi and thriller stuff . Three exhibitions of my work have been organized so far and I also illustrated several book covers.

I have rich and long painting and drawing experience. Both practical and theoretical skills in the field of architecture and arts. More than 9 years in computer graphics and more than 5 years in computer games (textures, sketches, lead artist ):

Hard truck: 18 wheels of steel,
Hard truck: Acros America,
Hard truck: Pedal to the metal,
Hunting unlimited,
Operatin flashpoint: Resistance,
Three kingdoms

Martin Lisec

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